Factors Influencing Selection of Dressing Style

Anywhere, your look is your first impression and your dressing style makes your looks impressive. Dressing well is not only a word, it is an integral part of your personality and also your public appearance. The dressing style that you follow is influenced by many factors such as climate change, age, season, activity, occupation, etc. Here I am going to tell you about some of them.

Factors and their components: – Each Factor has its components and own nature age is a factor and it has different components like infant wear, school-going children, etc and each component has different nature. Here is a list of factors and their components-

Climatic Factor: You wear different dresses in different seasons like cotton in summer and woolen in winter. Winter dresses are expensive and need proper maintenance. The people who live in cold climate areas follow different dressing styles like sweaters, Gloves, Scarf, etc to keep themselves warm and the people living in hot climates wear thick clothes like a salwar suit. So Climate is one of the important factors in your dressing style.

Occasion: When you go to attend a meeting or go for an interview or go to the office you should follow the Formal Fashion Style and when you go on a journey you should wear comfortable clothes and should follow the Casual Fashion Style. When you attend a marriage you should wear a dress which has a bright color like lehnga cholis, ghagras with bright accessories like chain and earrings, etc.

The Festival is also a very important occasion. There are many festivals in the world like Holi, Deepawali, Christmas, etc. You should wear Traditional dresses on such occasions. These fashion styles make you feel comfortable and allow for ease of movement. Simple clothing will give a more professional look and make you feel active and confident.

Age: Age plays an important role to decide fashion. Types of dresses change with age. An adult can’t wear student clothes and a baby can’t wear adult clothes. Let’s see how the type of dress changes with age-

Infant Wear: A baby birth to 12 months of age or a few need this type of wear because a baby needs comfort and cleanliness and these types of wear provide major comforts. Clothes must be soft and lightweight because baby has delicate skin. Since they are sleeping, most of the time their dress should be simple to put on and take off. It should also be noted that they should be easy to maintain. Cotton clothes be an ex. of this type.

 School-Going Children: Mostly in this stage children are growing up. They like sports and hanging out and mostly involves in energetic activity so their dresses must be comfortable and be made of strong and durable fabrics which can take a lot of wear and tear. When a student starts going to college then they become very conscious about their looks and fashion. They wear such clothes that are in trend. They want variety in the dress because they don’t like repeating the same dress per day. They give more attention to clothes fitting, color extra.

Adult: The selection of dress for adults depends on their profession. A working man or a working woman needs clothes which are easy to launder because they have very limited time and they prefer such dresses which don’t crease easily because they do work the whole day.

Old Age:  In old age, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes in spite of fashionable clothes.

Profession/Occupation: Your profession also decides your dressing style. Generally, every occupation follows a unique dress code for example doctors and nurses wear white or light-colored simple clothes same Army, Air force, and Navy have their dress codes. Every profession has a specific dress code that makes them different from others and gives them a special identity.

Income: To a large extent, your income also decides your dressing style like if you belong to a middle-income or lower-income category then you can’t afford costly clothes and jewelry but don’t worry there are some fashion styles like vintage which give you a bright look.

Your Daily Activity: There are certain activities every day that follow a particular dress code like gym costumes, and sports clothes, and these dresses are specially designed for a particular activity, for example, a swimsuit would look appropriate only near a swimming pool. So your daily actions are also an important factor.

 Above I have told you about almost all the important factors that affect fashion, although there are other factors, they do not affect your dressing style as much as all these. I hope that now you will decide on your dressing style keeping these factors in mind.