05 Evergreen Fashion Types

Nowadays it is a time for social media. It affects your whole life and fashion too, every day you find a new fashion style trending on social media, and when you start to follow the style, it gets out of the trend. So if you are facing such a problem then you don’t need to worry. I am going to tell you such 05 types of Fashion Styles that are always in trend.  No matter how much you know about Fashion, about Fashion types, Fashion trends. If you are a girl, boy, teenager, or adult then this article is just for you. So without further delay these are the top 05 Evergreen Fashion trends.

Traditional Fashion Style

The meaning of tradition is to follow own style, culture, or customs. To follow own cultural dressing style like wearing a dhoti kurta, Saree is called Traditional Fashion Style. It is the most followed fashion in India and it should be because India is known for its rich culture and beautiful heritage sites. India’s stunning beautiful traditional dresses can mesmerize anybody. Let’s talk about some types of traditional dresses-

  1. Saree:- Wearing Saree is the most widely followed Traditional Fashion style by Indian women. There are different types of sarees that they wear in-house, at offices, at meetings, and at weddings also.

Here are some types of Indian sarees with their names if you are a working woman or you are a housewife then you can try any of it-

      Kasavu Saree, Bandhani Saree, Chinkankari Saree, Paithani Saree, Banarsi Saree, Leheriya     Saree, etc.

  • Dhoti Kurta:- It is the most popular trending fashion for men not even in India but in other countries also. There are many types of Dhoti Kurtas that we can wear on different occasions
  • Long Vani:– It is also called half saree. It has three parts-
  • Skirt
  • Blouse
  • Duptta

So if you are a fashion lover then try these traditional dresses definitely they will boost your personality.

Military Fashion Style

This style helps you to stand out from the crowd and also shows your respect toward the Army. This dressing sense has an element of comfort as you are supposed to be, it also includes wide belts and pockets.

Hip-Hop Fashion Style

It is a western Fashion Style or other words it is party wear. If you are planning a party with friends then you can try this Fashion. The style becomes so popular in the last few decades. In this Fashion Style, there are different types of Fashion dresses like:-

Bomber jackets, Baseball jerseys, Jeans, Chains, Caps, and some other accessories.

Chic Fashion Style

This is a neat and tidy kind of style. It mostly involves black and white color dresses. Chic means stylishness that denotes a particular type. This word is used for giving an idea of a particular Fashion or home decorating style. This Fashion also refers to the style that is cool. In simple words, Chic Style Fashion means a classy look with the combinations of a few items that are done with minimum effort.

Bohemian Fashion Style

This Fashion style included women with long hair, bright colored outfits, and handcrafted clothes made from natural materials. Bohemian Fashion Style is known for its nature-friendly and comfortable behavior. This style involved all types of outfits. Billowy maxi is an example of this style.

You can say this style is a mixture of traditional and western styles including its particular and unique history. This is such a style that provides us second option of Vintage Fashion Style with the same comforts and at the same costs.

I am giving you some ex. of Bohemian Fashion Style:

Boho print maxi skirt, white lace top, flared jeans, harem pants, etc.

In the end, I want to say one thing to all of you that no matter how smart you are, attention is your dressing sense, that’s why you should always follow the fashion trends but there are some fashion styles which change quickly, to solve this problem I have told you some very much popular fashion trends that never change and I say with the claim that if you follow the above fashion trends then surely the way people talk to you and look at you will change. So stay updated with Fashion Trends follow them and Be Happy.

05 Fashion Trends that will Boost Your Personality

I am going to tell you about 05 Fashion types that will change your public appearance.  I have noticed all times trends in Fashion. I am well versed with full Fashion Trends and that is liked by all. Nowadays people judge you and your personality based on your appearance that’s why Fashion Trends are evolving. If you are in those who just like old and traditional or you are in those who want to stay ahead with upcoming trends then you are in right place.

Casual Fashion Style

It is a western dress code and a standard fashion style all world. We can say it is a comfort fashion trend that we use in our daily routine. While traveling a long distance if you want a comfortable journey then you should wear a casual dress and if you are planning to go outside for fun with friends and you don’t want to dress up more then you can go through Casual Fashion Style.

Some dress codes of Casual Fashion Style:-

Salwar suits, Shorts and Shirts, Shorts and T-Shirts with Watch, Friendship Band or other belongings.

Formal Fashion Style

Don’t get confuse formal with Casual style, both are different. Even though you are one of those people who don’t know what to wear in the office, in all important meetings, or in an interview this style is just the style which you need to follow in such different situations. This style includes wearing something like a dark black well fitted suit with a matching tie. You must follow this style if your wish to look different at parties, rise and shine between your friends and colleague.

Vintage Fashion Style

Basically, Vintage Fashion Style is an old Fashion Style trending in the ’80s and ’90s. There are many types of Fashion styles that come and go but Vintage is timeless and after lockdown, this style is once again trending. There is a famous quote “Old is Gold”, Vintage Fashion Style is the Gold of the fashion industry that will never go out of fashion.

Here are some types of Vintage clothes list that is in trend in 2022-

Vintage T-shirts

Vintage Jackets

Short-Sleeved Shirts



How to find Vintage Clothes- There are many stores where Vintage clothes are available. If you would like to try Vintage Fashion Style then you have to search that store and purchase the Vintage garments that are trending. Apart from that, you may be able to find some Vintage clothes in your used clothing store.

Maternity Fashion Style

If you are a pregnant woman then why should you go into hibernation during your pregnancy, why should you feel unattractive and under-confident about your baby bump? This style helps you to look cool and confident while you are pregnant.

Types of clothes of Maternity Fashion Style:

Maternity jeans with loose t-shits and blazers or coats, Flowy dresses with elastic waist, Shift dresses, a-line dresses with no elastic waist, and many other maternity clothes which you can search on the internet.

Sporty Fashion Style

Sporty Fashion style is quite easy for anyone to describe himself, it is all about sports. If you are a gym lover or someone who loves running, playing cricket, or any other sport then this style may have already been a part of your fashion. In sporty fashion style, one should wear clothes from some famous sports companies, known for their sporty dresses, shoes and other sporty brands. The idea of this Fashion is to increase people’s interest in sports. This style is very easy and effortless and also in trend. So you must try this fashion style.

In the end I would like to say through this curated piece, I have been able to cover-

A carefully compiled and detailed list of 05 fashion styles with their examples will definitely boost your personality. I must say by following the right fashion style or dressing well, you can definitely change your public appearance.

So stay well dressed follow the right fashion and by following this site stay ahead of Fashion Trends.